Australia’s beauty, detail and colour

Everything natural is unique in Australia and that’s something worth celebrating – through watercolour.

Many plants and flowers, from hard to find natives to introduced favourites in neighbourhood gardens, have intricacies that demand careful and close examination. Birds and other creatures can be hard to find and are fast to move, so it’s difficult but rewarding to study them closely.

Tiny amounts of water carefully applied to paper is a perfect way to capture the beauty of a country on which water precious.


Christopher Strong was born in Albury, New South Wales, Australia. He moved around Australia during his lifetime, living in Wollongong, Inverell, Goulburn, Canberra and now Melbourne. He grew up close to nature and developed a habit of looking for aspects of the immediate environment that are different or out of place, even if those details are small. Part of this habit was about looking for signs of danger (spiders and snakes are everywhere) but more often about spotting things of interest, such as a rare flower or a bird sitting quietly in the canopy.

Christopher captures and shares this found beauty through watercolour.